About Pulmonary Health Network

  • PHN was founded in 2001 to implement a HIGH acuity Ventilator Program to Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF). Our metrics have a proven track record of 20+ years. Reimbursement for these types of services was basically eliminated after implementation of PPS.
  • PHN specializes in developing, implementing and managing Respiratory programs for chronically ill and complex patients requiring Ventilator and Trachestomy care in the Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF).
  • PHN programs have proven highly successful in providing excellent care and positive outcomes in a more cost effective setting.
  • PHN focuses on a comprehensive program and provides a TEAM approach to implementing and operating a Ventilator program. Program includes:
    1. Admission Criteria
    2. Policies / Procedures
    3. Staffing with Therapist / Pulmonologist
    4. All-Inclusive Supplies and Equipment
    5. Training to Nursing / Rehab staff
    6. Network Marketing support with our partners